Movin’ Right Along

Today is my first day of detox ….. hold on to your hats everyone … this isn’t some colon blow blog and my sufferfest of drinking some disgusting vegetable juice … this is serious …. its my girl scout cookie, chip eating – okay ANYTHING in the processed food aisles detox.  Please forgive me if I lapse in the next 24 hours (or hour) – even though I’ve only been holding strong for approximately 11 hours at this point, and half of that I was asleep.  The pain is real.  Almost as real as the pain of the last two laps of the marathon trials course.

Ahhhh — you knew this was heading somewhere didn’t you?  There’s been numerous posts on the trials and how everyone looks back on it and their feelings so I had to have a “hook” … isn’t that what writer’s call it?  To grab your attention – or to pull you in …. I don’t think me typing in large letters “THE US OLYMPIC TRIALS MARATHON WAS FANTASTIC!” was going to do it – so I improvised — not totally though because my running clothes have become very tight these past 7 days – that’s some serious shit.  But let me tell you if you didn’t catch it the first time ….

THE US OLYMPIC TRIALS MARATHON WAS FANTASTIC! …. there has been a lot of stuff about how the athletes could have been treated better or the conditions could have been more ideal … but what I took away from last weekend was this …. Runners are beautiful people.  Maybe not by societies standards … I mean really?  We’re a sweaty, smelly, spittle and snot on the face group of people for the most part – looking like we all need a burger.  But our spirit and attitudes are golden.  On Saturday – except for probably the top 20 positions – it wasn’t about beating the person next to you – it was about helping your fellow runner get to that finish line, or as far as he or she could get.  Just a few words of encouragement or the handing of a water bottle because someone missed theirs (thank you Beckie Spellman!!!!) were things that got each and everyone of us a little further down the road.  And what other sport has the support group that we as runners have?  The crowd support was incredible!  Family, friends, coaches, runners, course officials – the cheering and encouragement from each and everyone of them was amazing.

Steph Fly Molly

I am so grateful to so many people that I was able to have this experience and who believed in me, or at least didn’t say it to my face that I was a crazy loon, because at times I didn’t believe in myself and thought I was a crazy loon.

phx contingent

Scott and Molly

I am lucky enough to be part of a team that supports each other even though we don’t train together daily – the affirmations via social media, emails and telephone calls are priceless —- and I have to admit we all look pretty good too.

Oiselle team pre race

So thank you #LA2016!  until 2020 …. as the muppets say


team chloe



Merry Christmas

This morning I’ve been driving my office mate crazy with my Spotify music selection(s).  The emphasis is on selection because I keep playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” over and over and over …. okay and over again – it is probably my favorite xmas song – it makes me want to jump up and dance and spin around the living room – with my dogs.  We have a little tradition … okay its my tradition – my poor dogs just get dragged into it.

It started with Chloe, my 2nd dal, …. she would see me jumping up and down (I really can’t call it dancing – I don’t think anyone else would either) and would start barking (okay howling but thats just a technicality).  I took her “cheering me on” as a desire to “dance” as well – so up she went on her back legs and would shake a leg and dance a verse with me.  This prompted Clyde, my 3rd dally, to freak out (yes – that is the appropriate term) and would bite at both Chloe and my ankles.  Bad move Clyde – that just meant he was going to get the next verse.

BustahRhymes has become my newest victim and much more open to the idea of dancing with mom … he likes to rest his paws on my shoulders and do more of a slow dance version which is okay … its all about the love anyway.  Pogalicious and Flynn just run and hide in the bedroom … understandably … but xmas isn’t over and there is plenty of time to cut a rug with all my four legged friends.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chloe has always gotten the lion’s share of all the goodies … cookies, pies, breads, candy …. how many times we’ve caught her counter surfing in the kitchen, in the dining room …. nothing is off limits.  She figured if she could reach it – it was hers and rightly so.  She was trained quite well by my first dalmatian – Sparky. chloe & sparky Clyde, was her partner in crime after Sparky and he would take any scraps she would “conveniently” drop on the floor for him …. Clyde’s been gone 2.5 years now and she doesn’t share with the other doglets like she did with Clyde.  chloe & clyde xmas2007BustahRhymes, Pogalicious aka Pogi and Flynn have learned to give Chloe a wide berth when it comes to food…

As fun and goofy as it all sounds and when I think about it and hear the music it makes me smile and laugh to myself but it also makes me sad, and the tears well up, as I know this is Chloe’s last xmas with me.  Her back legs don’t allow her to dance with me anymore and those four legs that have ran so many miles with me the past 16 years are tired and weary with age. Her counter surfing days are over and we struggle every day to get her outside to use the restroom – because Chloe is too much of a lady to have an accident indoors if she can help it.

We will make the drive to Tucson this Christmas and god-willing Chloe will be riding shotgun … right where she always likes to be.  Keeping an eye on the open road like she always does.  chloe2There will have to be more stops than we normally would do to keep her comfortable but that is okay – it will be time spent over the holidays with my best friends.

Merry Christmas Everyone – I hope you all spend it with the ones you love – whether it be two legged or four legged or all of the above.


doggy xmas

Some times what you have planned isn’t exactly what life has planned for you.

November 1 – I planned to be back running, building mileage and starting track workouts in preparation for the Trials in February.  It didn’t matter to me that my hamstring/groin/pelvis (WHATEVER ALREADY) wasn’t feeling 100% – I had a plan – and that plan DID NOT involve the words “take some more time off.”  I had HAD IT with that crap.  I was ready to run.  I was just waiting for my new schedule from my coach and I was ready to ROLL!

Sunday, November 1 comes – I run a nice smooth 6 miles at sub 7 pace – little discomfort but no biggie – no pain no gain right?  Ride the bike for about 90 minutes and cheer on my fellow runners – life is GOOD!

Monday Fresno has rain – yes it was going to be an off day but HELLLLLO – it is raining!!!! Who can pass up a run in the rain? …. well truth be told my 4-legged friend Flynnstah was pretty well content on “passing it up” but after about 2 miles she knew the crazy loon on the other end of the leash was NOT HEADING HOME – so she put her nose down and her ears back and we were flying along the streets through the puddles soaking in the rain – IT FELT DIVINE!

Tuesday rolls around …. I now have my new schedule … to me, getting my training schedule is better than receiving a jewelry box with a bright shiny bauble inside.  Diamonds may be forever but a good workout sets my soul on fire (corny I know but this is my blog).  I didn’t even need to run on Tuesday – Monday was supposed to be off – I was supposed to be eaaaaasssssing back into training and I had to be at work at 8:30 am – I was already too late to run before work so I start packing my bag to run at lunch – which is going to be tough to do an easy 8 miles in an hour including changing clothes blah blah blah.  My husband suggests “just wait until after work to run – I’ll even ride the bike” … I said “I’ll think about it – sure thing – good idea” – but of course still sneak my gym bag into the car “just in case.”

It ends up a busy morning – clients are coming in, I’m rushing around trying to get stuff done before my running partner Joe gets to the office to run with me —- yes – as you guessed – the thought of passing up a run with my friend Joe was out of the question – I had texted him at 10 asking him to join me and he said yes!  I had to run! Its like being a crack addict and my dealer agreed to meet me to get me my fix.  My co-worker says “Aren’t you going to have lunch with us?”  I believe the crazed look in my eyes answered her question when I said “Lunch?  I didn’t know we were doing lunch …. I’ve got to ….” and bless her soul – She thought I was heading to my PT appointment – because WHAT CRAZY LOON who had been going to PT appointments for the past two weeks would go run a “quick 8 miles” at lunch?  Oh yeah – this one.  But it was a GLORIOUS day – sun shining (okay – there were a few clouds in the sky), a nice chill in the air (yeah it was a little breezy) but I was running!  With my friend Joe.  A good day had just become GREAT!

We’re running along the bike path and we come upon one of those tunnels that go under the street and because of all of Monday’s rain it says “CLOSED – FLOODED” … whatever … Joe runs around the body of water … I think I have a shallow spot and end up with my shoes soaked – DAMNIT! … Joe laughs and says “you should of followed me.”  The next tunnel we come to has the same signage – mind you my shoes and socks are SOAKED ALREADY.  But I decide to follow Joe to avoid getting wet.  Within seconds of stepping on the curb to miss the water I am in the extremely large and deep puddle … so much so that my body is half submerged under water and its splashing into my face – and I don’t swim so I’m pretty sure I was holding my breath.  I of course jump up (well sort of) and say “I’m good!”  Joe asks “Are you sure? Do you want to go back?” and I’m like “No way! I’m doing 8! Lets keep going!” I limp a few steps and say “I’ll be okay”

Well this has become one long a** story so lets sum it up and make it short – I haven’t worked since noon on Tuesday because my foot swelled up like a helium balloon as soon as I took my shoe off (mistake #1 – LEAVE SHOE ON for as long as possible or at least til you get home).  Did you know swelling doesn’t just go away in 24 hours?  Me neither (mistake #2 – thinking I would be able to jump out of bed Wednesday morning …. or Thursday morning …. or Friday morning).  WTH? I’m just hoping to be able to get my shoe on by Sunday at this rate.

Good news?  My hamstring/groin/pelvis (WHATEVER ALREADY) is beginning to feel pretty good.  Who would have thought some FORCED REST might have been the answer? Bad news?  I’ve been a sucky employee/co-worker for the past three days because of my own stupidity and selfishness.

No worries – the crack addict still exists and will still be looking to get her fix but I won’t be doing it when it adversely affects others. #lessonlearnedthehardway

Grey Skies are Clearing and I See Blue

So its been over 2 weeks since the Twin Cities Marathon – I actually wasn’t even going to mention it as its been a stressful 16 days ranging from disappointment about my race result, doubt on whether I could actually run another “fast” marathon, disbelief that I was experiencing the same pain that I had 8 years ago when I was unable to run a step, resignation that I could end up missing out on the trials that I had worked so hard to qualify for, to freakin’ relief today that my biggest fears might not be as bad as I had anticipated.

All of the above is neither here nor there now – I’m ready to move on and with a little rehabilitation I will continue to work hard and reach for that sub 2:40 marathon.

I am strong,  I will not give up and I will definitely persevere.